Workshops & Courses

Workshops & Courses

We try to regularly present one of our workshops in Wilderness/George area. Dates will be announced as we schedule them.

However, we also offer it as on-site workshops, or in this time of staying remote, we also offer these as interactive video conference sessions. Please contact us about pricing; we can even customise our workshops to address specific needs for your team.

Our workshops and courses

Software Architecture WorkshopOur Software Architecture Workshop is a rare opportunity for the best and brightest software designers in the industry to collaborate in a round-table teaching-and-learning event, where expert architects share their hard-won expertise in a silo-breaking cross-pollination of experience.
OO Analysis & Design WorkshopObject Oriented Software Analysis and Design is a 3-day, instructor-led practical workshop in iterative Object-Oriented software analysis, design and architecture. The course teaches fundamental OO analysis, design and architecture skills to software developers who have some experience programming in an Object Oriented programming language, and who wish to gain a deeper experience of the software design process. The course makes extensive use of practical examples and hands-on exercises to maximise participants’ absorption of the subject matter.
Effective Story MappingThis is a 1-day workshop where we learn how to use Story Mapping in product planning, and how to use that if your backlog is starting to get out of hand. Story Mapping can help teams focus on delivering the most important value first, and help provide a much better product context to teams.’s Java Design Patterns CourseWe offer‘s Java Design Patterns Course in South Africa. This is the best value-for-money education you can give your programmers. During an intensive 4 days, we cover all of the Gang-of-Four patterns, in addition to some other lesser-known ones. Your programmers will learn how design patterns fit into the big picture in Java.’s Refactoring to Java 8 Streams and LambdasWould you like to learn how to apply streams and lambdas from Java 8 to improve your code base? You might already be on Java 8 or even a later version of Java, but still stuck in the Java 6 mindset of non-functional code. In this workshop, we get hands-on with refactoring existing code. This workshop can be applied to a team’s existing code base.
Eclipse RCP 4This 4-day course introduces the Eclipse 4 Rich Client Platform and how to build desktop applications with it. It is a very hands-on course with a lot of time spend on coding exercises.


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Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to find out more.