The Wilderness Software Company comprises a network of software engineers, software architects, and product managers with extensive experience in various roles needed to deliver quality software products.

We are passionate about helping other teams succeed in their software development goals, which drives us to go out of our way to help clients.


  • Fractional Chief Tech Officer Services: We provide comprehensive guidance and support to companies in establishing in-house tech teams, assisting with talent acquisition, technology selection, and the development of scalable software development processes and architecture.
  • Senior-Level Tech Team Building: Our expertise is pivotal in helping companies build robust senior-level tech teams, minimizing hiring risks and ensuring the selection of the most suitable technologies. We assist in sourcing tech leaders, selecting technologies, and designing product architecture and roadmaps.
  • Interim Tech Leadership and Problem Resolution: Tailored for scale-ups, our service offers interim tech leadership to swiftly address and resolve technology issues, identify underlying causes, and implement proactive strategies. This ensures uninterrupted growth and smooth transition through potential tech challenges.
  • Product Discovery and Design: We specialize in guiding clients through the crucial stages of software product discovery and design, ensuring a strong foundation for development. Our approach encompasses thorough market analysis, user experience design, and strategic planning to align your product vision with market needs and technological capabilities.