arch425: Software Architecture Workshop

Our Software Architecture Workshop is a rare opportunity for the best and brightest software designers in the industry to collaborate in a round-table teaching-and-learning event, where expert architects share their hard-won expertise in a silo-breaking cross-pollination of experience.

Learning experiences in software systems’ architecture tend to be expensive, long duration and have enduring consequences (sometimes decades). Opportunities for in-the-wild tests of alternative, competing architectural choices and tools are generally few and far between for any practising systems’ architect, and broad-scale adoption of entire new architectural methodologies and languages often proves impossible due to corporate inertia and organisational constraints. We have to learn from one anothers’ experiences if we’re to become better software systems’ architects. That’s what this workshop is for.

The workshop is a three-day round table engagement – a series of structured conversations around topics central to software systems’ architecture.

The idea is to lay out a set of interesting architectural alternatives in relation to a given topic and then draw on the expertise and experience of workshop participants to come up with appropriate contexts for their use, and actionable insight into the consequences (good and bad) of their implementation.

The workshop is an agile, unconference event, so participants should come armed with their own burning issues, questions and itches to scratch, and together we’ll figure out where and how to fit them into the programme.

Participants in past workshops have considered the event to be among the highest value learning experience of their careers, a unique opportunity to draw upon decades of expertise in just a few, short days.

Number of places is limited to ensure that all voices are given adequate opportunity to share experience. We limit participation to 2 people from any one organisation to promote technology diversity.

Date – To be announced, Fairy Knowe Hotel, Wilderness
Price per delegate R22000 VAT incl. — Accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, adventure activities and airport transfers included. Early bird discount will be announced.

Contact us to find out more, or discuss on-site options for this workshop.

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