Story Mapping for agile product planning

This is a 1-day workshop where we learn how to use Story Mapping in product planning, especially as a tool to help when your backlog is starting to get out of hand. Story Mapping can help teams focus on delivering the most important value first and help provide improved product context to teams.

The main purpose of Story Mapping is to facilitate product discovery and prioritisation of development work. You achieve this by putting user activities and tasks on a map that keeps them in context. The Story Map shows how each story fits in the application.

Workshop Goals

  • Learn about a more customer-focused perspective of product backlogs.
  • Practise a powerful prioritisation and planning technique.
  • Help enable stakeholders to prioritise product features efficiently.
  • Empowers team members with a greater understanding of product features
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing between development and design teams

Who will benefit from the course?

Anybody involved in software development will benefit — from the product ideator to the product manager, user experience designers, developers, testers, marketers and even those signing off on the budget. The ideal is that the whole multidisciplinary team is involved with the story mapping of a product.

Course Outline

  • What is a Story Map and why should we care?
  • How to create a Story Map
  • How to plan using Story Maps
  • Using Story Mapping to prioritise product releases.
  • Challenges with Story Maps

Workshop Formats & Pricing

This workshop is offered as a 1-day on-site or three 2-hour sessions online workshop.

Please take a look at our pricing section for more information.