Software Product Principles

Software Product Principles is an interactive 1-day workshop that discusses a number of fundamental principles for doing software product development and how to apply them to a project concretely.

It starts with “Why?” The reason for the product, the timing, the tech choices, and the team — ensuring a good understanding of the product context. Then it looks at when to code and when not and has an intensive discussion on the many ways of testing products — from ideas through to product releases.

At the end of this workshop a multidisciplinary team will much better understand the end-to-end process of software product development, and how to apply key principles to create and deliver a much better product.

Workshop Goals

Delivering a high-quality product is a multidisciplinary team effort, and these principles speak to the whole team and help them create a better product, and do it in a more efficient manner.

Who will benefit from this course?

Anybody involved in software development will benefit — from the product ideator to the product manager, user experience designers, developers, testers, marketers, and even those signing off on the budget.

Course Outline

  • Why? – Understanding the context of a product
  • When not to code and what else to do instead
  • When to code and how to make the right tech choices
  • Testing – from ideas to product releases.
  • Team – products reflect the team, which reflects the product

Workshop Formats & Pricing

This workshop is offered as a 1-day on-site or three 2-hour sessions online workshop.

Please take a look at our pricing section for more information.