Object Oriented Analysis and Design Workshop

About this course

Object Oriented Software Analysis and Design is a 3-day, instructor-led practical workshop in Object-Oriented software analysis, design and architecture. The course teaches fundamental OO analysis, design and architecture skills to software developers who have some experience programming in an Object Oriented programming language, and who wish to gain a deeper experience of the software design process. The course makes extensive use of practical examples and hand-on exercises to maximise participants’ absorption of the subject matter.

This course builds a foundation for participants to further develop their skills in OO analysis and design. Significant effort is made to provide practical, immediately useful guidelines and heuristics for developing high-quality design, with the goal of developing higher-quality, more robust and more flexible and maintainable software.
The course does not provide an introduction to basic OO concepts and is unsuitable for software designers who have had no exposure to OO basics. Our starter-course, Java and OO Foundation, is a 4-day course designed to provide such an introduction to OO basics and Java.

Object Oriented Software Analysis and Design introduces some software architecture concepts and process, but is not intended to give in-depth coverage of architectural concerns.

The course material makes use of the Unified Modelling Language (UML) as the common “design language”, but does not assume that participants have any prior knowledge of UML. No particular development or design methodology is promoted or imposed, although an iterative approach is recommended. Rather, the course aims to teach the fundamental analysis and design skills common to all approaches to software design. The course is technology neutral and does not require nor use any specific OO programming language, and is thus useful in any OO technology platform environment.

Course Goals

Object Oriented Software Analysis and Design is designed to teach participants:

  • purpose of analysis and design in the broader context of an iterative software development lifecycle
  • specific processes for developing analysis, design and architecture models
  • heuristics for designing more robust, maintainable systems
  • strategies for ensuring that designs adequately address all systems requirements
  • understanding of core UML diagrams

Who will Benefit from this Course?

Software developers and designers who are familiar with object-oriented software development, and who wish to develop their skills in system analysis, design and architecture, are the primary audience for the course.

Course Outline

Object Oriented Software Analysis and Design is an instructor-led course of 3 days duration. The course is concept-based and does not target any particular programming language or platform. Participation is limited to 16 people.

What is Covered by the Course?

  • Software Development Lifecycle: The Bigger Picture
  • Analysis-phase activities and evolutionary requirements
  • OO Design Process and outputs
  • Core UML constructs
  • Guidelines for good design, DDD
  • Applying Design Patterns during design
  • Architectural design
  • Pulling it all together: The Design Model

Topics NOT Covered

  • In-depth Design Patterns
  • Advanced use of OO
  • Distributed Systems Design
  • JavaEE/EJB
  • Web services design
  • Service Oriented Architecture concepts and design.

Date and Location to be announced, in Wilderness/George area.
Price per delegate R18500 VAT incl. — Accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, adventure activities and airport transfers included. Early bird discount to be announced.

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