Java Serverless on AWS

This instructor-led 4-day workshop shows how to use Java to implement and deploy a Serverless architecture on AWS. It makes use of the AWS SDK for Java, AWS CDK, AWS Lambda and various managed services provided by AWS. We also look at design concerns, and how to use an events-based approach to ensure scalability and cost optimization.

It also covers various ways of optimising performance and deployment for Java-based AWS Lambda functions, including looking at the new AWS Lambda SnapStart feature that improves cold loading times for Java lambda handlers. 

Workshop Goals

  • Learn how to implement a AWS Lambda function in Java
  • Learn how to deploy a serverless backend using AWS CDK
  • Design and implement for performance and scale.
  • Get a fast-tracked start with AWS serverless and Java by building on expert guidance.

Who will benefit from the course?

A developer or team that is comfortable with Java, and already has some cloud development experience, and looking to learn about serverless architecture, or want to understand the implications for migrating an existing (Java) system to this kind of architecture. 

Course Outline

  • Basic AWS Lambda with Java
  • Introduction to CDK
  • Testing a Lambda function
  • Introducing AWS SDK v2 for Java
  • Adding an HTTP endpoint with AWS API Gateway
  • Persisting data to AWS DynamoDB
  • Async communications via  AWS SQS and SNS
  • Designing for low cost and scale
  • Java Performance Tips for AWS Lambdas

Workshop Formats & Pricing

This workshop is offered as a 4-day on-site or twelve 2-hour sessions online workshop.

Please take a look at our pricing section for more information.